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The characteristic smooth quality that our Texas wheat delivers makes it all the way through to our final bottling. When we started Five Points Distilling, we had already decided that wheat would give us the quality we were looking for in our spirits, and our distillery was custom-designed and built to produce wheat spirits. We soon partnered with local farmers to obtain all of the soft, red winter wheat that we use in our distilling process. We have created our own local-Eco system that allows us to re-use our spent mash by giving it back to the farmers to re-fertilize their crops, which in turn helps produce a better quality of wheat.

Water is another obvious component in distilling spirits. Our rain water collection is UV protected and treated through reverse osmosis. This purified water adds yet another appealing layer to the flavor of our spirits.

Our barrels are made of new American Oak with a medium char sourced from the Ozark Mountains. We only use new barrels to store and age our whiskey while our used barrels are sold and re-purposed by other spirits makers.

The Texas weather is another factor that plays a key role in our Whiskey’s maturation. Our Whiskey matures quicker than in traditional whiskey-producing regions due to the wide temperature swings that are a common feature of our Texas climate.

Our process, while rooted in traditional methods, employs the latest techniques and technology. Rest assured, when you buy Lone Elm spirits, your’re getting the best quality-combined with an environmentally conscious footprint!