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Casa Tequilera Alcardan K & Asociados, S.A. De C.V.


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Tequila Los 3 Garcias was founded in 2000 as a family brand, a business man who has been involved with tequila and agave for over 30 years inaugurated his own distillery 15 years later, in 2015. Naming it Casa Tequilera Alcardan.
Over these past decades, Don Carlos has studied and researched much about tequila and its mesmerizing process. He has turned his knowledge and passion for tequila proudly into creating his own brand; Tequila Los 3 Garcias de Arandas (Tequila 3G).
Our smooth taste begins with the cultivation of our own agave plants on over 800 hectares of our fields, with over a million Blue Agave Webber plants, at different stage of maturity. Don Carlos personally selects each individual plant to produce only the finest tequila found in Mexico. After each plant has been carefully chosen our tequila starts coming to life.
Proud of its´Chicago roots, the brand was first introduced in 2003. Tequila los 3 Garcias has been receiving a great deal of attention for its supreme craftsmanship and quality. The Garcia family takes great pride in their heritage and product, striving daily to produce a top quality spirit which can proudly bear their name.
We hope that when you experience Tequila Los 3 Garcias for the first time our passion will come across with every sip and you will see, this is the stuff legends are made of.